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2022 READY. SET. GO...

It's been awhile since an update.  We are in the spring of 2022 and it has been a wild ride.  We are growing again and we have been working hard at continuing to learn, to adjust and to be our best during these times.  Intertribal is hard at work stabilizing both our custom multimedia services and our original brand apparel and merchandise.  We are in the process of adding some new services so be on the lookout.  God bless!


Intertribal Visions is a CUTTING-EDGE multimedia design company that truly shares the passion of excellence. Our focus is to offer amazing creative solutions for all of your business marketing needs. We specialize in high-end design work & out-of-the box strategies that will ensure that you stand out above your competition.  Our customer service is always friendly and genuine because we truly care about you.



Our clients are primary in our success and we view them as partners who network together to achieve a common goal.  That common goal is to be the best and to stand above the competition.  We specialize in providing award-winning design, creative solutions, & large format printing capabilities with very competitive rates. We also have multimedia services to address all of your audio and video needs.  We understand that presentation is EVERYTHING. Our network of clients has reached a national status because we strive to raise the bar.  We take great pride in our work and we place tremendous value on everyone who we work with.  Our passion for innovation and excellence is what continues to drive our company.  



IVU was officially established in 2009 as a design firm/clothing company in Cache, Oklahoma.  Our original plan was to offer our original design work on apparel and various other merchandise that catered to our Native community.


Our marketing plan was simple and that was to follow the POW WOW trail; travel anywhere and everywhere to share our vision. Our success quickly crossed over to custom design work since there was a need in Native Country for authentic strong design work.  Since our inception, our services have expanded into full in-house design, multimedia, large format printing, youth workshops, public speaking, musical performances & event planning.


In 2018, IVU decided to team up with some good friends that owned a professional studio that also had a big vision for SW Oklahoma, and was also wanting to improve their business strategies and to make a bigger impact on our area.

Scott & Linda Endsley created Seven Springs Sound Studios in 2017.  Seven Springs was conceived by a few musical friends drinking coffee and discussing a desire to create music. The conversation quickly took shape and developed into creating a recording studio. But, Not just any recording studio. . . The Premier Sound Studio for all of Oklahoma and beyond.


They soon discovered a need for video production and added that capability as well.  Through trial and error, they quickly realized the realities of keeping business alive in SW Oklahoma was more difficult than anticipated  Travis & Kristy approached them with the idea of combining forces in order to achieve true multimedia and marketing services under Intertribal Visions Unlimited, Inc.  With their combined expertise they decided to move forward together to offer our audience what we haver today.  True Creative Solutions all in-house! 



Our vision is simple.  Be the best.  Give our best.